Her journey of Miyama on the “MIYAMOBI”


MIYAMOBI is a rental service of an ultra small sized mobility “Nissan, New Mobility Concept” is available to the tourists who visit Miyama Town. It’s an easy drive, compact sized electric generated small mobility vehicle which is Eco friendly that is perfect for your tour of Miyama. A tablet with a navigation system that has information of the tourist spots of Miyama will also be available for rental. Please read the instructions and on how to apply via the details available on the last pages of the “How to use MIYAMOBI” guide.

What’s the difference between an ordinary vehicle and an ultra small mobility? How comfortable is it?

Freelance announcer, Midori Matsuo, tells you about her fun experience of driving the MIYAMOBI.

Midori Matsuo

Born in Chiba in 1983 and currently lives in Kyoto. She is a freelance announcer Of the Hori Production’s Announcer Division. Her main appearances have been: “Kazuyoshi Morita Hour Waratte Iitomo!”, “Mezamashi TV” and “Minna No Keiba” etc.

Easy to manipulate even for beginners. Comfortable as if driving a car.

A compact two-seater ride which is easy to manipulate with maneuverability. Its special feature is the easy drivability even for those who aren’t good drivers.

You can feel the breeze directly because there is no window. It’s so comfortable, just as if you’re riding a bicycle.

You can use the tablet to search for the course you want to go to.

The navigation system in the tablet has information of over 50 locations, introducing cafés, restaurants, historic & cultural spots and landscapes of Miyama’s sightseeing spots.

The tablet is convenient because you can take it with you when you get off.

Visit spots at your own pace without having to be pressed for time.

MIYAMOBI allows you to visit spots which are difficult to reach on foot and by public transportation.

Enjoy your tour by visiting spots of your own choice at your own time, which is ideal for those who want to visit many locations and for those you want to take their time when visiting.


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