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Residential House of Ishida Family

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The oldest farmhouse existing in Japan.

Built in 1650, is the oldest residential house built in Japan that can be dated. The erected age became clear when an 18 months overhaulment of the building took place in 1973 when it was designated as a national important cultural property. The unique format of “Kitayama-Style Houses” is a format that is common to the old Miyama Town, however, it’s very rare that the characteristic features remain, therefore, the Residential House of Ishida Family is a valuable indicator of a private house. The lifestyle of the old days of farmers can be felt everywhere, such as the tatami mats which are laid out only in the parlor, the surface of the pillar finished using a hatchet and old farm equipment that was placed on the dirt floor.

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It was closed to the general public while the demolition of the warehouse and maintenance around the house took place, however, it has now re-opened from Apr. 1, 2018. The tour with the local guide of the interior is also very impressive.

Business time10:00~16:00
TEL0771-75-9110(Ohno District Promotion Association)
Admission feeNothing
Parking lotAvailable
WiFi Not Available
OthersThe tour of the exterior is possible on weekdays.


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