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Touta Yasaka Shrine

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The Kagura of Touta which has been passed on for over 300 years

It is said that Yasaka Shrine was ceremonially transferred by Holy Priest Koetsu of Toun Temple in the Touta district in 1640. Usually it is just a small shrine solemnly standing where one can hear the murmur of Miyama River, however, many people gather on July 14th, every year when the Kagura of Touta takes place. Tengu, demon, droll fellow, otafuku, and grandfather parade to the shrine which is then followed by the performing arts dedication dance of the Kagura, praying for good harvest of crops and hopes for the prosperity of offsprings which has been passed down the local people for over 300 years. This festival is designated as an Intagible Folk Cultural Asset of Kyoto Prefecture.

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The view overlooking Miyama River from the shrine precinct is said to be enchantingly beautiful. The high degree of the river’s transparency and the contrast of the green in the area is a soothing and refreshing contrast.

Business timeOpen Daily
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OthersThe Kagura of Touta takes place on July 14th, every year.


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