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Kayano Bridge

  • Landscape/Nature

The photogenic mural is the landmark

This bridge which is one of the 7 rainbow bridges made for the dream and hope of the local people is in charge of the color green. Cherry blossoms in spring and leaves turning crimson in autumn can be seen alongside Prefectural Highway 12 which is on the other side of the bridge. A very small bus stop with a small hut like waiting area which brings back nostalgic memories wants to make one sit down and take photographs of the area.

Recommended point

Alongside Prefectural Highway 12 is an ideal photo shooting spot because of the sky blue mural which was painted by a local picture book writer in 1998 and the children of Ohno Elementary School at that time.

Business timeOpen Daily
Parking lotNot Available
WiFi Not Available
OthersPlease be aware of the time you visit the spot for taking photographs as depending on the time, Prefectural Highway 12 can get heavy traffic.


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