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Taki Shrine

  • History/Culture

A shrine with a thatched-roofed enshrinement hall and beautiful seasonal landscape

Built in 1367 during the beginning of the Muromachi period, it enshrines Takitsuhiko-no-Mikoto, the guardian worshipped by the village. It was moved to the current location due to the construction of Ohno Dam. The local people affectionately call this shrine “Taki Myojin”. One can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, crimson colored leaves in autumn from this quaint appearance of the thatched-roofed enshrinement hall on the side of the torii gateway.

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There is a huge oak tree which is 30 meters high and 5 meter trunk girth growing on the slope between the shrine and the thatched-roofed hall. Please look for the stone Buddha hiding under the unique shaped trunk.

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