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Ohara Shrine

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A shrine, which was founded in the Asuka period more than 1300 years ago

Ohara Shrine is said to have been founded in 645 and that it was ceremonially transferred from the Ise Shrine to its new location. It worships the God of the rich harvest, Izanami, the female deity of easy delivery, Izanagi, a male god who appears in Japanese mythology and the Sun Goddess. A festival is held annually on Apr. 29th (Shōwa Day) and the 9 villages of the Ohno district cruise with the portable shrine wishing for good harvest, prosperity of the region and peace to the household. People take back the sand from the main shrine and sow it to the inashiro praying for good harvest. The huge keyaki (zeokova) tree standing by the approach has been designated as Kyoto’s 200 Natural Selection and is also worshipped as a sacred tree. The shrine precinct is also known as a secret spot for autumn leaves.

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The “Karasu Dengaku” of Ohara Shrine’s auxiliary shrine, Kawakami Shrine was designated as Kyoto’s 1st Intangible Folk Cultural Property and is dedicated on Sports Day in Oct. every year.

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TEL0771-75-9110(Ohno District Promotion Association)、0771-75-1906(Nantan City Miyama Tourism Bureau)
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