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Suwa Shrine

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A shrine, known for its glamorous "Senryo Festival"

The beginning of this shrine is said to be 713 when it was built in Nagai-San Shōzan of the Tsurugaoka tono district. It enshrines the spirit from the Shinshu Suwa Myojin Shrine, as the guardian of exterminating deers and wild boar which took place in 1369 and was transferred and erected to the current location. The wolf is worshipped and considered as the sacred messenger from the deities at the main headquarter. Unique points are the roof covering of the main shrine and the deity which sits on top of the main beam.

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“Senryo Festival of Tanano” is known for its brilliant performance of traditional arts and has been designated as Kyoto’s Intangible Folk Cultural Property. The mid size festival is once every 15 years and the large size festival is once every 30 years with folklore of each district dedicated by the parishioners of the 5 largest towns (Takano, Tsurugaoka, Toyosato, Morisato, Fukui). The next festival will be mid size in 2020.

Business timeOpen Daily
TEL0771-76-9020(Tsurugaoka District Promotion Association)
Admission feeNothing
Parking lotAvailable
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