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Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato)

  • Landscape/Nature
  • History/Culture

The thatched-roofed village conveys the Japanese landscape

38 out of the 50 houses which gather in the “north” of the Chii district are thatched-roofed houses which still conveys an old fashioned Japanese landscape. This area was dedicated as a conservation district of trandional buildings from the government in Dec. 1993 due to its high evaluation in the preservation of the historic landscape. There are cafés to enjoy tea, museums and historic museums in the thatched-roofed village as well as scattering of shrines worshipped by the local people. Taking a slow stroll around the area is recommended.

Recommended point

Many tourists are attracted to the “Rice Planting Festival” a Shinto ritual which takes place each year around harvest time, fire prevention training and the “Water Hose Festival” an event using water cannons which take place by the local residents in spring and autumn.

Business timeOpen Daily
Admission feeNothing
Parking lotAvailable
WiFi Not Available
OthersThe mobility battery charging station is available at the Kayabuki no Sato Parking Area.


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