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Miyama Folk Museum

  • History/Culture

A folk museum where one can learn about thatched-roofed construction and life in Miyama

A folk museum where one can learn about the lifestyle of Miyama in the olden days through over 200 valuable life tools on display such as old farming equipment. It was burnt down once in 2000, however, was restored again in 2002. The local people faithfully reproduced the 200 years old Kitayama style thatched-roofed house. The barn and warehouse in addition to the main house are also open to the public.

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One can see the characteristic features of the unique thatched-house construction such as one of the features of the Kitayama type house which is the raised garden. Combined logs (rafters) that slant downwards to support the thatched-roof, the kitchen’s gridiron ceiling of bamboo and old material which is shining black from the smoke of the hearth are interesting to see.

Business time9:00~17:00(Apr.~Nov.)、10:00~16:00(Dec.~March)
HolidayMonday(during Dec.-March)・New Year
Admission fee\300(junior high school student and under : Free)
Parking lotKayabuki no Sato Parking
WiFi Available
Credit cardDon't Accept


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