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Terms of use

※Please make sure to read this.

  • Driving will require an ordinary vehicles driver's license (visiting foreigners need international driver’s license and passport).
  • Please observe the Road Traffic Law when riding the mobility. In particular, drive on the left side of the road & priority to pedestrians.
  • Please attend a 20-30 minute training session before renting it as it is a special vehicle.
  • We may refuse lending when it is determined that traveling is dangerous such as natural disaster or bad weather(storm, heavy rain, etc.)
  • Please refrain from wearing footwear which may interfere with driving operation such as geta, sandals or high heels, etc
  • Although it is equipped with a window-type cover to the body of the door, rain might come in when raining. We will not be liable for damage or malfunction to your belongings or garments getting wet.
  • Due to the vehicle structure, the MIYAMOBI does not come equipped with an air conditioner. Please take enough liquids when driving in the summer, and dress warmly when driving in the winter.
  • There is no space to store large luggage. Our staff at Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center(Rental Spot) will attend to your luggage so please let us know in that case.
  • Children under 6 years old who need a child seat may not ride together.
  • Riding with pets is prohibited due to safety reasons.
  • We recommend you ride with pants due to vehicle structure. Since you will need to straddle over the front seat, skirts are not recommended.
  • You will be charged an extra fee of ¥1,620 (tax included) for exceeding the designated time.
  • Please note that there will be no return of fee even when returning the bike before the scheduled time.
  • MIYAMOBI’s come with a tablet. It is detachable so please take it with you when you take a walk or you can also leave it in the luggage box. You may be liable to cover the expense when it is stolen, broken or damaged.
  • The following cancellation fee will be charged if you are to cancel your reservation.
    4 days prior to your reservation date: No charge
    3 days to 1 day prior to your reservation date: 50% of usage fee.
    On reservation day: 100% of usage fee (full amount).