Course of traveling MiyamaCourse

Tour of the Museums and Historical Museums of Miyama

The length of time:3 Hours

Miyama has several museums in which local artwork is exhibited in as well as the historical museums where you can learn about the lives of the local people. There is a museum which features the works of Satoshi Takagi, a western style painter known for his love of Miyama to an Indigo Dye Museum located inside the thatched roofed dwellings. And one can also learn about how the local folks of the dwellings lived at by visiting the Museum of History and Folkore and then the café which features a gallery , which is in the course and the final stop takes you to museums which exhibit the local artists of Miyama and those in the vicinity and the History Archive Center. Each spot not only exhibits artwork, but the relocated Kitayama type houses, thatched roofed buildings and thatched roofed construction are all impressive sights to see.


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