Miyama Town, which is located in the northern part of the ancient city of Kyoto
is a rural natural area in which rich nature and people coexist.

Even those who set foot for the first time in this
area surrounded by the majestic green, the flow
of Miyama River and the landscape of the
thatched-roofed dwellings will probably
encounter a feeling of nostalgia.

We would like for the visitors to take their time and
comfortably enjoy this charming town listening to the
singing of the wild birds, the murmur of the stream and
at times, having a casual conversation with the town folks.

“MIYAMOBI” is the mobility that will answer your wish
to travel through Miyama.

“MIYAMOBI” is emission free and a very quiet ride.
You will be able to have a totally different experience with the smooth ride that
will make you feel united with nature.

Enjoy a soothing journey by forgetting the day-to-day hustle and
bustle feeling the pleasant breeze from behind.

MIYAMOBI3 characteristics

  • Easy

    The vehicle size makes it easy for anybody to drive and park.
    It's also easy to maneuver,
    convenient and a comfortable vehicle.

  • Safety

    It's a vehicle which is safe and secure yet,
    has mobility equal to a motorbike.

  • innovation

    It's zero CO² emission since its an electric vehicle (EV). Friendly to the forest and to humans, a new future mobility.


Miyama's trip

by using MIYAMOBI

Enjoy all the interesting spots which Miyama has to offer using MIYAMOBI.

You can personalize your journey on MIYAMOBIusing the special navigation app!

You can personalize your journey on MIYAMOBI using the special navigation app!
It will guide you smoothly to your destination.
Videos will introduce you to the seasons and attractions of Miyama,
and this app offers many special priveleges!


  • WEB Reservation

    First make your reservation from the website!
    Select the date and number of people and then apply using the attached form.

  • Navi

    You can drive to your destination after receiving a simple lecture about the mobility at the site. The navigation system will guide you easily to the various sightseeing spots.

  • Trip

    Go on your journey after you arrive at the spot with the tablet in hand!
    The tablet will provide information by video and details on the history etc.

Course of traveling Miyama

Introduce the special recommended course for MIYAMOBI

Tour of Visiting Photogenic Spots of Miyama

This course takes you to photo spots such as Miyama’s thatched village and you can enjoy the beautiful nature and scenic views of Miyama.

Tour of the Museums and Historical Museums of Miyama

This course takes you to art museums and archive centers and
you can learn about Miyama's history and culture, living.

Shopping Course of Miyama’s Local Specialty

You can enjoy to buy Miyama's local specialties and processed products in this course.

Recommended spot

There are many beautiful nature and interesting spots about history and culture in Miyama.
We offer the information about the recommended spots.


MIYAMOBI can be rented at the location below.We are looking forward to seeing you.

MIYAMOBI rental spot
Location Agakeshimo 23, Miyama-cho, Nantan, Kyoto
TEL 0771-75-9030
FAX 0771-75-9040
Business time 9:00~17:00
Holiday Weds., New Year
(Subject to change by season)
Parking lot 73 cars (available 24 hours a day)
4 large-sized cars/ 65 standard-sized cars/4 handicapped parking


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